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About Kunst ab Hinterhof

At this point we could – of course – throw in some fancy words to substantiate the project’s claim to respectability so that –  in the end – you feel as if you were reading a scientific publication.

The reason we don’t do that is easy to explain: Kunst ab Hinterhof is a platform whose aim is to make contemporary art accessible to everyone, regardless of age, budget, profession and prior knowledge. We are convinced that everyone ought to be able to afford art, not least so that an awareness for art can develop and  young artists can have an opportunity to progress. We set great store by offering works of art of high quality at prices that do not scare people away and aim to create an appetite for more.

This is why, since 15 January 2019, a core team of five has been tirelessly working on winning over artists and ensuring a frictionless logistic flow between artists and customers via our platform. Each and every piece of art put up for sale on our website has been accepted and received by us in person, can be found in our showroom at Kuffnergasse in the 16th district, and is ready to be sent away to or picked up by the customer.

Alright, there might have been some odd fancy words there now, but we do hope we have been able to give you an insight into our guiding principles in an agreeable manner.


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Die Schöne

Die Schöne is a beautiful old factory building in the heart of the 16th district. It boasts a 300-square-metre room that can be used for exhibitions, art performances, theatre productions, work-in-progress settings, presentations of all kinds, and a lot more.

Die Schöne is a space that is open for new ideas and refuses to be tied down by ready-made concepts. The very DIY spirit that pervades the space is what makes it work, and gives its users a chance to test themselves and break away from conventions.

In addition to the exhibition space, Die Schöne also rents out five workshops, which are currently all occupied. Should any of them become available, we will hold an open call and look forward to your application.

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