Magdalena Kreinecker | Kunst ab Hinterhof

Magdalena Kreinecker

born in 1993 in Upper Austria, Magdalena Kreinecker studied graphics and printmaking at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She currently lives in Vienna working as a Visual Artist and Printmaker.
Her work meanders through various printmaking techniques within a wider painterly space. If in painting, graphics or sculpture – without hierarchy, using division of labor and construing togetherness – she works with found footage and objects.
Magdalena Kreinecker uses silkscreen, etching, linocut or digital print on paper, wood, fabric and other material as bases and starting point for forms of combination and connection. In order to give the prints and images, the assembled and often sculptured things a form without emphasizing the fracture lines and torn edges but the formal and often also semantic com- monalities.
A major part of her artistic practice consists of the examination of objects and their properties, their form and the rules by which they relate to each other. She plays with concepts related to daily life, intimate experiences, and social issues.

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