Paula Flores

In her work Paula Flores attempts to represent the complexity of nature, and our knowledge as well as ignorance that we have towards it.  She treats themes such as immigration and the disappearance of native cultures, flora and fauna as a result of modern industry; the space these cultures occupy and how they’ve changed according to its commodification.

Making use of diverse artistic disciplines and a mix of organic and industrial materials, she creates a dialogue regarding the current situation between human and nature.

Flores participated in the 2019  “Is this intimacy”, Krinzinger projekt, “Praise the laziness” 12-14 gallery, Vienna, Ibiennale in Honolulu,  “Biennale Sessions” Biennale di Venezia 2019, Consciousness reframed 2019 Porto, Portugal.

Her work was part of the exhibition Being here with you at MCASD. Her most recent solo exhibitions are Litos Liquen at CECUT in Tijuana, Mexico. Semilla del paraiso at the ICM in Vienna, Austria, Flora nativa en el paisaje invadido at Deslave.She was part of salon ACME 2018 and LASER talks at UC Santa Barbara. She has been part of residencies in Austria and the U.S.A such as Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna and Art Omi in New York.  Her work has been part of exhibitions and collections in Mexico, U.S.A, Japan, Italy, Portugal and Austria. She is part of the platform, girls see art and art Zealous.

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