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Payment methods


We accept the following payment methods (see below). Please select the most appropriate payment method for you. Shipping and delivery costs may vary according to your selected payment method. The quoted prices are final prices that include all price components such as statutory value added tax. For international deliveries additional taxes (e.g. in case of intra-community acquisition) and/or other charges (e.g. customs duties) may be incurred and are payable by you to the appropriate customs or tax authority, not to the seller. The shipping and delivery costs are not included in the quoted price. Please refer to the prices, shipping cost and delivery information page of this website for further information. Shipping and delivery costs will be calculated and listed separately during the ordering process and are also payable by you.


Credit card

Pay conveniently using your credit card


Pay even faster and more securely via PayPal.

Direct transfer

Sofort by Klarma allows you to pay online by simply using your online banking data. For this you are being redirected to Klarma’s own web administration interface. After entering your Bundesland and sort code, you can log in using your online banking account login data. All important purchase details are automatically transferred to your bank from our website’s shopping cart. You then simply have to confirm payment by entering the requested TAN.

Debit card, credit card or cash payments on the premises

Come and visit us in our showroom during the opening hours indicated or by prior appointment at .

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